How to Submit Property

1. Title : this option mean is the name of your property, but with HOIANREALESTATE.COM, we will use the name of the road for easy finding.

Our title policies for RENT is : [RENT] _ your House Number _ your Street

e.g : [RENT] 486 Hai Ba Trung St ….

2. Description : at this option, try to write details about your property such as : location, amenity , some strong impression about your property ..

e.g : my house near the central market , we have 3 bed rooms .. etc

3. Featured Image : plase choose your best image,  we recommend your photo about total view of your property

4. Reference : this is the private id or the private number if you have more properties on our website. 

5. Year built : of your property.

6. Gallery : this option is very important, please try to up your all of rooms, include wc, kitchen …

7. Price : this is price for RENT in 1 month or price for SALE your property.

8. Rooms : total your rooms include living room, bed room, kitchen, wc …

9. Beds : quantity of bed room.

10. Baths : quantity of bath room.

11. Garages : quantity of garages ( for the car ).

12. Home area : our mean is total built-up area of your property.

13. Lot dimensions : it has a length and a width. Area is measured in square units such as square meters. To find the area of a rectangle, multiply the length by the width.

14. Lot area : total acreage of your property

15. Contract : Choosing your type of contract ( for rent / for sale )

16. Floor Plans : a drawing that shows the shape, size, and arrangement of rooms in a building as viewed from above

17. Video link : our customer prefer video of property. ( we can help you make a video on our youtube channel ).

18. Contact name : Owner, agent or Agency

19. Contact phone : we will contact with you via this number phone.

20. Location : The numbers indicate latitude and longitude. You can see image below.

Guideline : how to get your coordinates ( include LONGITUDE & LATITUDE )

21. Locations : your sub-district  in Hoi An.

22. Statuses : of your property.

23. Types : of your property.

24. Materials : the main materials to built your property.

25. Amenities :  you can introduce some amenities in your property.

26. Public Facilities :  are services provided by the gorvernment to its citizens. Some of the important public facilities include infrastructure, sanitation, public transport, health care, water, etc.

e.g : image below

27. Valuation : A property valuation offers benefits to both buyer and seller. In providing a clear indication of a property’s market value, it reduces a buyer’s risk of paying over the odds for a property; in offering a detailed analysis of a property’s weaknesses, it can help a seller decide which renovations to make to enhance a property’s value.

e.g : image below

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